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Автор: vasek   
07.07.2009 07:38

Многофункциональная утилита для сравнения, копирования, синхронизации, дублирования и создания резервных копий данных. С помощью данной утилиты можно сравнивать Ваши файлы тремя различными способами: по времени создания, с помощью контрольной суммы CRC или используя их вместе. ViceVersa Pro позволяет шифровать данные, а также производить их сжатие. Вы можете выбрать один из 6 методов синхронизации (копировать все, только новое и т.п.).

Список изменений:
• Disabled encryption compatible flag in the profile settings (encryption compatibility with version 1.2 or earlier is no longer supported now that ViceVersa is UNICODE compatible).
• Fixed issue with hidden attribute incorrectly applied to archive folders in certain configurations.
• Fixed crash happening removing archive files in certain configurations.
• Fixed error message "timestamp has changed" appearing while archiving files in certain configurations.
• If a file is deleted on one side and changed on the other side, file is now marked as confilct.
• Added archive summary with amount of files archived and size to the log file and execution summary window.
• Fixed issue with ViceVersa not returning an error code when run in automatic mode and no folders were available.
• Added option to exclude empty folders in the profile settings->subfolder filters.
• Added process feedback to the ViceVersa PRO icon in the system tray
• Improved performance of file re-comparison after copying.
• Added option to move files instead of copying files to the archive folders. This will increase performances.
• Added the ability to create snapshots and compare snapshots from the command line and from the Windows Explorer context menu.
• Added logging of conflicts file names to log file when conflict files are present.
• Added ability to log into the network with user name and password in the profile settings->folders->network.
• Fized issue with VVLauncher returning error code 87 'the parameter is incorrect' when installed as a service on Windows Server 2003 SP1
• Other small fixes.

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OS: Win 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003.
Лекарство: не требуется
Size/Размер: 4,45 МБ

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